SoundSelf is a video game designed to help you meditate

SoundSelf is a VR video game, designed to take you through a “technodelic transformative meditation experience” guided by the sound of your very own voice. Designed by Andromeda Entertainment, SoundSelf is the first game from the developer/publisher whose mission it is to develop “deep interactive experiences that nourish the mind and body.”

While the optimal way to play SoundSelf will be with VR, players will be able to play on both PC and Mac.

According to Robin Arnott “experimental game designer, consciousness hacker and CEO/Founder of Andromeda Entertainment,” video games are;

an incredibly powerful tool for shaping a person’s consciousness.

We have an opportunity to flip the distraction of games into a healing interaction. As Western art and culture grows to embrace the tides of mindfulness, our tools have to evolve.

Can a videogame give you an experience of stillness? Of the transcendence of self? Of samadhi? Absolutely. And we’re just at the beginning


Playing SoundSelf sees players use their voice to explore a digital world made of light and sound.

Mike Wilson, co-founder of Devolver Digital and an advisor to Andromeda Entertainment is an outspoken advocate for mental wellness in video games and the games industry. While Devolve Digital is not involved with SoundSelf as an advisor, Wilson said;

People are ready to become more intentional about the content they consume, and more and more people are focused on wellness and inner peace. SoundSelf is a safe, tech-driven alternative for meditation and inner space exploration; an exhilarating journey into altered states of consciousness, guided by your own voice. With SoundSelf, we are seeing the emergence of a new genre that points to a more heartfelt vista of what games can do for their players.

Initial research into the effects of VR on brain state — “Can Virtual Reality be Psychedelic? A Comparison of SoundSelf VR with Guided Meditation VR on Quantitative EEG, Altered States, and Mood” — found three key takeaways;

  • SoundSelf is generating similar EEG patterns in players as psychedelics do.
  • After 10 minutes of play, players are reporting feelings of unity consciousness and disembodiment at levels similar to those observed in research with Psilocybin.
  • SoundSelf has a positive impact on player mood, causing a significant decrease of negative mood states such as tension and confusion, and a significant increase in positive mood states such as calmness and happiness.

SoundSelf launches this Spring.

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