How to find Legendaries in Guns, Love & Tentacles

Now that Guns, Love & Tentacles is available, there are 29 new Legendaries to be found in Borderlands 3. After playing through the DLC and completing all missions, I’ve not yet seen half of the Legendaries available. However, I’ve seen and collected a few and so, wanted to share the ones I have found and show you how to find them too.

Like other Legendaries in Borderlands 3, finding these items is a combination of luck, persistence and skill. A few of these Legendaries are guaranteed, while others have a percentage chance to drop.

Some require you to eliminate a rare spawn. Others have you killing Occult Hunt targets.

Let’s take a look.

Guns, Love & Tentacles Legendaries

One of my favourite Legendaries in Borderlands 3 is the Shocker. Manufactured by Torgue, the Shocker fires three large, shock elemental projectiles with a huge splash damage radius.

The weird, tentacle, squid barrel is also a treat.

To unlock the Shocker you need to kill the Voltborn enemy on Negul Neshai. Voltborn spawns in the cave to the right of the large laser you use to blast open the doors. The same cave you go to collect the electrified Kritch heart to power the laser.

SF Force

SF Force is close to my most used Legendary in Guns, Love & Tentacles. It’s a Maliwan sub-machine gun and can switch between Radiation and Corrosive damage.

SF Force fires beams of energy that just melts enemies. It’s so good.

To unlock it, head to the centre of Skittermaw Basin and climb to the top. You’ll fight DJ Spinmouth (or fight him again, if you already have) and if you’re lucky, he’ll drop SF Force.

Unseen Threat

Unseen Threat is a Legendary sniper rifle from Jakobs. It does an incredible amount of damage and on crits, will ricochet three bullets at nearby enemies.

Insane right?

To get Unseen Threat, you’ll need to farm Rare spawn Amach in Cursehaven. From the Olmstead Square Fast Travel Station, go straight ahead and north. Cross the bridge and head to the top right corner of the groups of buildings in the next section.

If you see a red portal, Amach has spawned. Kill him for a chance to get Unseen Threat.


Anarchy is a truly ridiculous Tediore shotgun. Everytime it reloads automatically and/or you get a kill, it gets 30% damage. This stacks up to 10 times. However, with every stack, accuracy decreases.

That being said, as it gets more buffed, you end up turning enemies into red mist with ease. On reloads, the Anarchy homes in on enemies and explodes when it connects.

To unlock Anarchy you just need luck. It’s a random drop from any loot soufce in Guns, Love & Tentacles.

Love Drill

Love Drill is a Jakobs pistol with enormous critical hit damage. It also has 20% chance to deal double damage as shock.

There’s not much else to say about this weapon other than you unlock it by completing the final mission in Guns, Love & Tentacles.

Frozen Devil

Frozen Devil is Gearbox’s way of giving you Mei from Overwatch’s weapon in Borderlands 3. It deals Cryo Elemental damage and can be fired in two modes.

The first is a prolonged Cryo beam and the second is an Ice Spike. Sound familiar? The flavour text reads, “Not sorry, not sorry, not sorry.”

To unlock this Maliwan pistol you’ll need to farm the Kukuwajack Occult Hunt.


Insider is a Maliwan shotgun that fires elemental projectiles. These projectiles swirl around each other, like a swarm and explode on impact. The one I found could switch between Radiation and Shock, though the elements you get may be different.

To unlock Insider, you just need luck. It’s a random drop from any loot source in Guns, Love & Tentacles.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is possibly the best Legendary available in Guns, Lve & Tentacles. For a start, just look at it. LOOK AT IT.

Second, on reloading, any projectile that hit an enemy will fly towards that enemy and hit them again. Essentially, if you land all six shots and reload, you’ll be doing double damage, for free.

Seventh Sense can be unlocked by completing the three Cold Case side-quests. Speak to Burton after he helps you in the campaign to activate the first part.


This one’s an Epic not a Legendary, but it’s hidden and a bit of an Easter Egg, plus it’s pretty great, so I’ve included it anyway. It fires either in full auto with 1.5x zoom or in a four-round burst with 5x zoom and when aimed down sights, it fires random elemental shots.

Unlocking the Kaleidoscope requires you to head to The Lodge and pet Mancubus Bloodtooth’s pet Mancubite. You need to pet Manucbite 50 times to complete the “He Likes You” challenge and then continue to pet him until the weapon drops.

It took me 70 times before it dropped.

The Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge

This Legendary artifact is given to you by Claptrap partway through the campaign. Jakobs and Hammerlock did not want Claptrap at their wedding weekend so he’s sent off on this dodgy errand to find the Pearl.

To everyone’s surprise, he succeeds in retrieving the artifact and gifts it to you.

While worn, you get a damage increase by dealing consecutive hits on enemies. You get 1% per hit up to 15 and then once at the maximum you get an additional 20%.

Those are the Legendaries in Guns, Love & Tentacles I’ve found and been using. But there are plenty more.

Good hunting.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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