New MMO Last Oasis goes offline amid server issues, offers refunds.

New Steam Early Access title Last Oasis will go dark for up to seven days after major server issues crippled the game. The announcement came earlier this morning from the game’s project lead in a video posted to Twitter. The MMO/Survival game hybrid from Donkey Crew launched to massive success, becoming the top-selling game on Steam almost immediately after launch.

Last Oasis hit Steam Early Access just a few days ago, initially launching to a relatively smooth online experience. We had the chance to check things out on this first day and, some minor loading issues aside, connectivity was stable.

However, soon after, players began reporting an inability to log onto the game’s many servers, rendering it unplayable for those encountering the bug.

Last Oasis

In response, a producer from Donkey Crew posted a short video on YouTube explaining the technical issues plaguing the game and promised that the team was working hard to solve them. However, it appears as though the server problems are far more severe than first realised as today the game’s project lead told players that servers will be taken offline for up to a week starting immediately.

Along with the apology and promised fixes, Donkey Crew is also offering full refunds to those who are unsatisfied with the game.

Last Oasis is a nomadic MMO/Survival RPG and it’s being developed for PC.

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