Ambitious survival game Last Oasis hits Steam Early Access today

What better time to get lost in a massive new survival game than amidst a global pandemic? Last Oasis, an intriguing MMO/Survival hybrid, has launched on Steam Early Access and its developers are inviting players to escape reality and join in the Nomadic themed chaos.

Poland based developer Donkey Crew may still be relatively fresh but that hasn’t stopped it from diving right in with Last Oasis. The game sees players attempting to outrun an apocalyptic day/night cycle that will either burn or freeze them to death.

This offers a unique spin on the survival genre as it forces players to think about mobility instead of established base locations. Pair this nomadic state with factions warring over rapidly depleting resources and you’ve got Last Oasis.

Last Oasis

As you can see above in the launch trailer, the game itself already looks terrific but Donkey Crew has gone one step further to entice new players. In a time when social distancing is one of the few ways individuals can help with the global Covid-19 crisis, Donkey Crew is encouraging folks to stay home and play Last Oasis by offering a 17% discount for its launch week.

Currently available on Steam in Early Acces, we will have our early impressions of the game available soon.

In the meantime, you can follow updates on the game, including server information, at the official Twitter page @OasisNomad.

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