Gears Tactics includes an endless Veteran Mode

While it’s been confirmed that it doesn’t include multiplayer, Gears Tactics does feature a Veteran Mode, unlocked once players complete the campaign. At over 40 hours, that’s going to take some doing but once it’s down, Design Director Tyler Bielman says players are in for more challenges.

As part of a preview event, Bielman confirmed that Gears Tactics was a single-player only game, focused on a campaign. He also mentioned Veteran Mode.

In his words, “After the campaign, we have a Veteran Mode that allows you to keep going.” Essentially, this sounds like players will be able to continue playing randomly generated missions and scenarios in perpetuity.

Gears Tactics

Of the Veteran Mode, Bielman said;

There’s no fixed end point for that.

We’ve built the system in a way that we can keep serving up challenges for the player.

This is an elegant solution to the replayability issue many single-player games face. After players have finished playing a game and have completed the campaign, there’s often little incentive in going back and doing it all over again.

At least right away.

By continuing to deliver content, challenges and missions, Gears Tactics players will be able to continue playing and enjoying the game. Without a multiplayer mode, it’s a great way to keep players engaged.

Gears Tactics launches for PC on April 28.

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