Gears Tactics does not include a multiplayer mode

Gears Tactics is the upcoming, turn-based strategy tactics game set in the Gears of War universe. Ever since the first Gears of War on Xbox 360, multiplayer has been part of the franchise DNA. However, Gears Tactics multiplayer is non-existent. During a preview session with the game, Design Director Tyler Bielman confirmed that there would not be a multiplayer mode.

Gears Tactics is a single-player game with a campaign. There is no multiplayer.”

Gears fans may be discouraged to learn about the lack of multiplayer in Gears Tactics, however, there is plenty of content to keep players going in single-player.

Gears Tactics Multiplayer

For starters, the campaign in Gears Tactics is said to be 40+ hours long. In addition, once you complete the campaign, you can access Veteran Mode, which Bielman says has no fixed endpoint. Gears Tactics also comes with four difficulty settings and an optional Iron Man mode which can be paired with any of the four difficulties.

Gears Tactics includes a deep metagame, customisation and upgrade system, allowing players to create and tailor their own squad to their playstyle. In short, there’s enough in Gears Tactics already without having to worry about multiplayer.

I note that Bielman said, “there is no multiplayer” and not that there wouldn’t ever be multiplayer, so there’s at least a flicker of potential until someone categorically says Gears Tactics multiplayer is never happening. For now, let’s focus on the positives instead. Gears Tactics includes a huge amount of content and is shaking up the tactics genre in some pretty interesting and innovative ways.

It launches on PC on April 28.

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