Gears Tactics has four difficulty settings and Ironman mode

Those players looking for a challenge will be all set in Gears Tactics when it launches in April. Alongside the four difficulty settings players can choose from, Gears Tactics also includes Ironman, which can be toggled on or off and used with any of the four difficulties. Ironman prevents players from backing up when making a mistake.

According to Design Director Tyler Bielman, Ironman Mode “increases the stakes and consequences of your actions.” Oftentimes, Ironman modes are restricted to the most difficult settings, but that’s not the case in Gears Tactics.

“You don’t necessarily have to play it on Insane, to experience Ironman. You can combine it with any difficulty,” Bielman explains.

Gears Tactics

The four difficulty settings in Gears Tactics are;

  • Beginner – For players who are new to turn-based tactics or are mostly interested in the story
  • Intermediate – For players who like a challenge. This is the recommended difficulty for your first Campaign
  • Experienced – For seasoned turn-based tactics players who want a serious challenge
  • Insane – For expert players who want an unforgiving experience

Ironman Mode “will not allow you to restart missions or back up if you make a mistake.”

It’s great to see that players can combine Ironman with any of the four difficulties, though, by the sounds of things, playing on Insane with Ironman turned on really would be…insane.

Gears Tactics will launch for PC on April 28.

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