Warframe’s Operation: Scarlet Spear live on PC, coming soon to console

Warframe continues to expand. It’s been a long time coming, but The New War is finally starting. Operation: Scarlet Spear continues what was started with the Sentient Anomaly in the Veil Proxima, and will act as a lead-in to the full Sentient offensive.

If that means nothing to you, just know this – there’s a new limited availability game mode in which players can net themselves some cool new gear. Plus some awesome lore stuff, if that’s your thing.

However, note that as of the time of writing, Operation: Scarlet Spear is only available on PC, with the team at Digital Extremes working to push the update out to consoles ASAP.

Scarlet Spear

What to expect from this update:

  • A new temporary location, the Scarlet Spear Flotilla, from which players can launch one of two offensive missions – a ground offensive on Earth, or a space offensive on both the Railjack and the Sentient Murex.
  • Operation Link, a new function in which players in ground missions can provide critical Kill Codes to players in Space missions (only for Scarlet Spear missions). 
  • A new temporary store from which players can purchase new weapons, cosmetic items, and Arcanes!
  • New Sentient-themed weapons!
  • Nova Deluxe skin (and a new Deluxe Collection), plus the Nova Leverian and Plex card!
  • New enemies
  • New Stance Forma
  • Sentient Dojo decorations
  • The Sentient Tiamat Shawzin
  • Most importantly, though – this update also adds the long-awaited Cephalon Squared Glyph to the game! Keep an eye out for upcoming giveaways…

For more information, check out the landing page on the Official Warframe Website!

Or for more detail, see the Patch notes here: 

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