The beginning of ESO’s Dark Heart of Skyrim adventure, Harrowstorm DLC, is live on PC

Bethesda has announced that PC and Mac players can begin their journey into the Dark Heart of Skyrim today in The Elder Scrolls Online. The first DLC for the year-long adventure, Harrowstorm, is now live and will set up the events of Greymoor, the upcoming expansion to The Elder Scrolls Online.

An ancient evil emerges from the depths, intent on devouring the souls of Skyrim. A dark tide of monsters rise from Blackreach and threatens to plunge all of Tamriel into darkness.

Available to all ESO Plus players and also purchasable from the in-game Crown Store, Harrowstorm includes two new dungeons; Icecreach and Unhallowed Grave. In the trailer below, Bethesda has given fans a look at the DLC as well as one giant, frozen skeleton.

ESO Harrowstorm

Bethesda has given some details of each of the dungeons as follows;

In Unhallowed Grave, raiders and grave robbers have forced their way into an ancient burial site in Bangkorai seeking an ancient power that has remained imprisoned for centuries. Players must enter a long-forgotten tomb, uncover the reasons for the crypt’s invasion, and put a stop to the invader’s plans before it is too late.

Additional details on Unhallowed Grave can be found at the blog post.

Skyrim’s northern coast is beset by a terrible, supernatural storm whose origin appears to be the island home of a powerful coven of witches. Players travel to Icereach to confront the witches and stop their deadly ritual before it brings ruin upon all of Skyrim.

For more on Icereach, check out Bethesda’s preview blog.

In addition to the new dungeons, Harrowstorm also arrives alongside Update 25 which includes improvements to the base game. Performance for all ESO players will be rolled out that improves load times, framerates as well as overhauls the client.

Update 25 changes the way ESO is downloaded, patched and stored which will reduce the amount of storage space required for the game. However, this means all ESO players will need to redownload the game client with Update 25.

All players will receive a Crimson Torchbug pet for free for reinstalling. For more info on fixes and the roadmap for improvements, head to the blog post.

Harrowstorm is live on PC and Mac now. It will launch for PS4 and Xbox One on March 10.

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