Long-Awaited GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Excites Franchise Fans

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Fans of Grand Theft Auto are delighted to discover the long-awaited Diamond Casino which has now been released! Rockstar has finally come up trumps for players and, launched GTA5 Online Casino Heist on December 12 2019. Now, whether you consider yourself to be a gambling enthusiast who knows all about online baccarat or a complete novice to betting at the gaming table, you can enjoy the glitz and glamour of the Diamond Casino and Resort in this incredibly popular title.

GTA Casino Heist promises franchise fans the most complex, audacious and huge criminal operation to hit Los Santos according to the official Rockstar press release, and players are unlikely to be disappointed by the latest addition to gameplay.

The whole aim of the new game is to infiltrate the Diamond casino in order to breach its hidden vault. So, even if you’ve played the earlier four versions of GTA to death, you’ll find something new to love and enjoy in this latest version.

What Do We Already Know About The GTA Online Casino?

The GTA Online casino was first revealed to the popular back in July 2019 to great acclaim. Players were delighted with the exciting new development – after all, they’d already been waiting for years for construction on the building to be finished!

The Diamond Casino didn’t disappoint. It came along with several new mini-games to enjoy and missions to embark on, together with some fantastic casino cars that could be unlocked. However, there was one glaring absence… I am used to playing brilliant games at PlaySlots4RealMoney and this one lived up to my expectations in terms of glitz and glamour, players were frustrated that there was no way to carry out the ultimate casino heist!

Needless to say, Rockstar were encouraged by fans to correct their mistake and to rapidly develop a way to appease players everywhere.

The last heist to be added to the GTA Online franchise was all the way back in 2017. The Doomsday Heist involved a set of missions including some cutting-edge military hardware, a boatload of conspiracy theory and, to players’ delight, the return of the jet pack! The Doomsday Heist was particularly outrageous, however, fans are looking for a little more of a grounded experience from this new release that is a little more in line with the gritty realism of this franchise.

A Complex Operation

It seems that the time has finally come for GTA players to finally collect their winnings at the Diamond Casino and Resort on 12th December. Although no actual in-game footage has been released as yet, Rockstar’s teaser video which was recently released on its Twitter feed shows just how complex this exciting new operation is for players.

Players need to use all of their skills, carefully and comprehensively preparing their plan to infiltrate the casino and break into its lucrative vault. Players need to go so far as to set up an entire business to act as a front for their operation, opening up a retro gaming arcade in Los Santos to act as the Heist operation’s nerve centre.

It’s certainly not a game for those who are only interested in short-term gameplay – players are in it for the long-haul – but for fans of the franchise, that’s all part of the attraction, and it’s already causing a stir in gaming circles.

Released On All Popular Games Systems

GTA5 Online Casino Heist was simultaneously released on three separate systems – PC, Xbox One and PS4, so players with all types of consoles and gaming preferences could experience the thrills at the same time.

As yet, there’s been no official word about how the new release has been received, but if all the hype lives up to expectations, it’s almost certainly going to be an enormous success!

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