How To Keep Gaming While Getting A Degree

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The time of study at the university is a test of strength and the ability to combine two very important things in life (study and gaming) is very important. Very often, with such a load, students absolutely do not want to allocate time for unwanted homework, fortunately, for this, there is a service where you can simply type “write my essay” and professionals will help you with this. Speaking about the combination of obtaining a degree and gaming, there are a couple of tips that will come in handy.

1. Set Priorities and Plan Everything

Prioritize both in gaming (the most important games that will bring the greatest results), and in homework (the most significant work of the semester, without which it is impossible to complete the course, as well as the most important minor works, the deadline for which has already come). Then combine the priority lists and determine the time required to complete each work. A carefully crafted plan (preferably in writing) will create a feeling of confidence that you can control the situation.

2. Consider the Infrastructure

No matter how obvious it sounds, combining gaming, study and relaxation will be easier if the place where you study is located not very far from the place where you are engaged in gaming. Distance is a relative thing, but still, you need to try to choose a club for gaming so that it can be reached by public transport without transfers, or so that the road by bicycle doesn’t take the last effort (after all, you still need to develop your gaming skills or study after the trip).

3. Do Not Forget to Relax

Whatever achievements and ambitions drive us forward, every person needs rest. The prominent American journalist Sidney J. Harris said that the time to relax comes when you do not have time for this (Forbes). Each second of rest will help to look at things from a different point of view and will give new strength and inspiration to move on.

4. Make a Schedule Convenient for Yourself

Many universities provide you with the opportunity to create an individual schedule. If you see gaming in your future as a profession and if it is more than entertainment, then an individual schedule will be a great way out for you. You will be able to engage in gaming when it is convenient for you and when you are more productive and at the same time do not miss classes at the university, as you will have an individual schedule.

5. Forget about Studying When you Play, and When you Study, forget about Gaming

As soon as you cross the threshold of a game club, you cease to be a student in the literary faculty. In turn, when you find yourself in a university, you cease to be a gamer and become a student. Do not get nervous when studying because of a game or a game championship and do not try to negotiate about gaming issues for a 10-minute break. Likewise, you should not plague yourself with learning problems at gaming clubs. Everything has its place and its time.

6. Do Not be Afraid to Ask for Help

Sometimes in gaming and in school, everything goes wrong and it’s worth recognizing that you yourself won’t be able to cope with everything. So, you can calmly ask your partner in the game to “cover” you at the tournament or ask a groupmate to help with your studies. There is nothing shameful about this. And in secret: many people like to help others, so they feel their importance and usefulness.

7. Do Not Complain

We love to complain, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we just need it. But in this case, when you complain that you are “tired of combining gaming and study, it’s insanely difficult, you don’t have enough time for your personal life and you really want to send the hell out of it”, think for a moment: you really want to be pitied? Do you want to be told something like: “Probably hard for you, there is absolutely no free time”? I bet you don’t want this at all. You dream of hearing: “Listen, what a fellow you are, you manage to do everything and successfully deal with everything! I am proud of you/I envy you”. This is your true goal. You want people to recognize your achievements, you are proud of yourself and you want others to be proud of you too, so don’t whine.

8. Be Honest and Demanding of Yourself

In those moments when it seems that everything has been piled on too much, remind yourself why you started what you are doing. It is clear that you cannot immediately get absolutely everything. Hard work and determination are crucial elements when you have to combine something with getting an education. It will be difficult to comply with all these principles at once but start with at least one. When you successfully integrate it into your daily life, take on the next one.

Sum up

Now you will not surprise anyone with the fact that students combine gaming with full-time studies. Some do not give up gaming because for them it is a great way to escape from routine and relax, while others are engaged in it at a professional level. The reason why you decided to combine gaming with getting an education is not important, one thing is important: you must successfully cope with both gaming and study, and most importantly, one must not interfere with the other.

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