Crystal Dynamics – “Loot Boxes are a terrible idea” and won’t appear in Marvel’s Avengers

Speaking with Crystal Dynamics Scot Amos at PAX Australia, I found out about the team’s preparedness when it came to fan backlash to Marvel’s Avengers. In particular the character designs, voice acting and costumes. One thing that Crystal Dynamics won’t need to fear backlash on is Loot Boxes.

Marvel’s Avengers will not include any form of Loot Box according to Scot Amos who calls them “a terrible idea.”

As Studio Head at Crystal Dynamics, Amos says that “loot boxes are dead” and that Crystal Dynamics “never even went down that path.”

Marvel’s Avengers

Instead, earning loot and gear comes from simply playing the game. Amos told me that “you acquire gear through completing missions.”

“You actually get it through drops from certain enemies as well,” he continues. “There is also gear throughout the world for players to find. As you’re playing Hero missions and Wars missions you’ll find gear through locating caches, defeating enemies and completing objectives.”

When you’re tasked with a particular mission by another character in Marvel’s Avengers, where they have a job for you to complete, they’ll give you something as a reward. This includes outfits, gear and more.

Amos says when it comes to gear “We want you to know what you’re getting.” Fans will likely be breathing a sigh of relief knowing that Loot Boxes won’t come into play at all in Marvel’s Avengers.

Obviously, there will be an element of RNG and you may need to grind for gear but you won’t be purchasing Loot Boxes and hoping for random odds going in your favour.

Because Marvel’s Avengers includes a loot system, that means there are tiers of loot; Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Pretty standard there.

Like other loot-based games, each tier has a specific colour tied to it and Amos notes that the difficulty rating of missions uses the same colour scheme. This is a way for Crystal Dynamics to flag to players that they will be rewarded for their time.

Should players choose to play on the higher difficulties, they’ll earn higher tiered loot. Amos also explained about the highest level of loot;

There will be specific quests also. The only way to get this thing is something that you have to complete.

A very complex, very difficult challenge. That’s okay. I think that’s again a clear path of players knowing they can all get there if they play it, but yeah, the loot boxes are gone.

Players can spend real money if they like but only on costumes for their characters. These costumes will have no bearing on gameplay and won’t affect a player’s stats in any way. Amos said that there will be some costumes that are only available for purchase and some that are only available by playing the game.

In any case, you won’t be earning costumes, gear or anything else in Marvel’s Avengers in loot boxes.

Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson
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