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Overwatch World Cup is coming up next month

Overwatch World Cup is coming up next month

Article provided by Tauro Sports

The second season of the Overwatch League has officially concluded and that means a short break before players and fans set their sites on the event of the year; BlizzCon. Every year BlizzCon is the biggest tournament/convention for all things Blizzard. It is a celebration of the newest titles and updates, preview of what Blizzard is working on for the future, and also an incredible competition of their biggest titles.

On the Overwatch side of the event will be the annual World Cup. Instead of players competing with their professional teams, they are chosen to represent their nations on the greatest stage. As always the event will run in November, from the 1st to the 3rd at the Anaheim Convention Centre in California.

It’s a fantastic venue and well worth visiting if you are an Overwatch fan, Blizzard fan, hell… even just a casual gamer!

World Cup Overwatch

2019-09-15 – Overwatch League 2019 Season / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

For the past two years, Overwatch has become so big that it has opened the doors to fans to bet on the outcome of matches. Much like the NFL, NBA, soccer, tennis and just about every major sport you can think of, sportsbooks allow fans to enjoy the action on another level!

The best part? You can do so from your mobile device. Online sports betting is more popular than ever and if you head down to BlizzCon you could get a piece of the action while you sit in the audience.

How cool is that!

Now it should be noted that the South Koreans have absolutely dominated the Overwatch World Cup for the past three years. They have finished first place every single time without so much as losing a single series.

On top of that, they have only lost THREE MAPS. That is truly the next level of crushing the competition. However, the world will gradually catch up to the South Koreans. With many of the best players and coaches from this nation moving to other parts of the world and training with local players and talent, South Korea will not always hold the title of World Cup champions.

This year you might wish to look at the Canadian and American rosters for a possible longshot upset. Both are stacked with Overwatch League talent. All six members named to the roster are a part of an OWL club. Three players of which were a part of the championship-winning San Francisco Shock!

Now keep in mind that the Koreans are coached by the San Francisco Shock coach. Perhaps the Americans have some idea of the strategy that might be employed by their coach, Crusty, at the international competition?

The Canadian national roster too shows off an impressive whos-who of Overwatch League talent. All seven members of the listed team do come from different professional teams, however, it is STACKED. Other than the South Korean powerhouse, the Canadian teams over the past three years have put up the most consistent results at all three tournaments. It is hard to say however if this is their year.

Blizzard announced that this year will feature a new tournament structure that will offer more opportunities from a greater array of nations. From the qualifying stages all the way until the championship, all matches will take place in Anaheim and broadcast to the entire globe.

The new seeding, voting and ranking format will allow for the better teams to practice with spots already secured but still give outsiders an opportunity to make a longshot qualification and possibly find some unlikely glory!

Wherever you are in the world, be sure to check out a Twitch stream at some point and catch some of the action.

Article provided by Tauro Sports