Your Character in The Outer Worlds can develop flaws that affect the game

The Outer Worlds, in development by Obsidian, looks and feels like a shooter but is, at its core, an RPG. As you play, your character may develop Flaws based on how you take damage, interact with the world and play the game. These Flaws will give your character a permanent penalty, however, by taking the Flaw you’ll be rewarded with a Perk Point.

When a Flaw becomes available, the game gives you this message;

During your adventures, things may happen to your character that can trigger a flaw offer. Taking the flaw is optional, but doing so provides you with a perk!

The choice is yours.

Perks in The Outer Worlds grant bonuses and improvements to skills and abilities and you are able to select one each time you level up. By taking a Flaw and earning a Perk, you can improve beyond your current level.

At the cost of a penalty, of course.

The Outer Worlds Flaws

While playing The Outer Worlds, I was frequently fighting Raptidons. These giant lizard monsters spit acid and cause corrosive damage. After fighting them so often and suffering so many corrosive burns, I had developed a weakness to it.

By taking the Flaw, I would take an extra 25% corrosive damage but I would also get a new Perk ahead of schedule.

I decided against taking it, being in an area surrounded by Raptidons but you may decide to take it and deal with the consequences. According to Press Start, Lead Designer, Charles Staples said that players can take “three, four or five [flaws] depending on the selected difficulty level.”

Flaws are another layer of RPG stat changes that The Outer Worlds is bringing to the table. Based on how you play, you may suffer from different penalties that make the way you play less viable. But, it will definitely make it more interesting.

The Outer Worlds will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 25, 2019. It will release for Switch at a later date.

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