There are 42 Perks to choose from in The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds, in development by Obsidian, looks and feels like a shooter but is, at its core, an RPG. Along with the six attributes that characters in The Outer Worlds are governed by, players will be able to select Perks every time they level up. If you’ve ever played an RPG, tabletop or digital, you’ll be familiar with perks and how they change the way you play.

In The Outer Worlds, there are 42 perks to choose from across three tiers. Every time you level up, you’ll be able to unlock a new Perk. When you unlock five Perks in a tier, you unlock the next tier.

Perks are another layer of character customisation and role-playing and give players an even greater degree of control on who their character is and what they can do.

The Outer Worlds Perks

There are 14 Perks in each tier and they provide increasing bonuses and improvements to your character and their skills and abilities. Below are tables that include all 42 perks and their bonuses.

   Tier 1 
PerkToughnessSlow The WorldLone WolfStrider
Bonus+50% Base Health+25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter Max+25% Damage when alone in a party+25% Walk Speed
PerkCheetahHigh MaintenancePrecisionThe Negotiator
Bonus+20% Sprint Speed-25% Weapon/Armour Durability Loss+15% Companion Crit Chance-25% Vendor Surcharges
PerkAll For OneTravelerQuick and the DeadPack Mule
Bonus+50% XP from Companion KillsUnlock the ability to Fast Travel when Encumbered+50% Tactical Time Dilation Recharge Rate+50 kg Carrying Capacity
PerkA Few Bits MoreResilient  
Bonus+100% Additional Ammo stock on Vendors & +100% Additional Consumable Stock on Vendors+10% Base Armour Rating  
   Tier 2 
PerkRun and GunThe ReaperWeird ScienceSpeed Demon
Bonus-65% Movement Penalty to Accuracy+25% Tactical Time Dilation Meter+50% Science Weapon Damage+25% Movement Speed During TTD
PerkScannerThe CollectorSnake Oil SalesmanWe Band of Brothers
Bonus+20% Bonus to Extra Deadshot/Weakspot Damage+5 metres Interactable Highlight Range+20% Vendor Buying Price25% Chance to reset a Companion Ability cooldown on each Critical Hit
PerkTag TeamRolling ThunderHarvesterHoarder
Bonus25% Chance to reset a Companion Ability cooldown when using the other Companion’s Ability-20% Companion Ability Cooldowns for each of your Kills15% Health Restored per Kill-50% Consumable Weight
PerkPack of Pack MulesSoliloquy  
Bonus+40kg Carrying Capacity Bonus from Companions+10 Dialog Skills  
   Tier 3 
PerkWild ScienceSteady HandConfidenceArmor Master
Bonus+50% Science Weapon Damage-100% Ranged Weapon Sway & -100% Movement Penalty to AccuracyKilling an enemy makes your next shot a guaranteed Critical Hit+10% Armor Rating Bonus & +100% Skill Bonus
PerkSuper Pack MuleTactical MasterRevengeLast Stand
Bonus+100kg Carrying CapacityWhen you activate TTD, you continue to move at a normal speed for a short time. This effect only occurs when your TTD meter is full at the time of activationWhenever you are affected by a harmful Combat Effect, you deal increased Damage. +20% Revenge Damage+30% Damage while under 25% health
PerkBoom, Headshot!Don’t Go Dyin’ on Me!Penetrating ShotsThick Skin
BonusHeadshot kills explode, damaging nearby enemies. Headshot kills deal 25% of their damage to enemies with 2.5mWhen you use the Inhaler, any downed Companions are revived with a small amount of Health.Your Ranged attacks reduce the target’s Armor Rating by 1 point per hit. This effect lasts a short time and can stack multiple times.-15% AOE Damage Received & -15% Plasma Damage Received
PerkTit for TatSolo Sneaker  
Bonus+15% Melee Damage returned as Health-33% Detection Radius of Enemies  

These Perks, along with your skills and Attributes will allow you to create the kind of character you like and to play The Outer Worlds however you like.

It will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 25, 2019. It will release for Switch at a later date.

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