How to unlock cosmetics in Borderlands 3

Now that you have Borderlands 3 in your hot little hands, you’ll be shooting and looting to your heart’s content. Something else you’ll be doing a lot of is customising. You’ll be choosing skins and heads and all sorts of good stuff to make your Vault Hunter as unique as possible. You’ll also need to choose which of the four hunters you choose.

Once you’ve made your choice and started playing, you’ll be able to use the Quick-Change to customise your character. As you play Borderlands 3, you’ll find cosmetics that you can use to change skins, wear hats and more.

So how do you unlock cosmetics in Borderlands 3?

Unlock Cosmetics Borderlands 3

Unlocking cosmetics in Borderlands 3 is actually really simple, though it’s not well explained. When you find or earn cosmetics through gameplay, they’re stored in your inventory along with weapons, grenade mods and shield mods.

The first time I collected a cosmetic, I went to the Quick Change and was confused to not see it unlocked. You see, after collecting the cosmetic, there’s one more step before you actually unlock it.

You’ll need to go into the inventory screen first of all.

When you’re in your inventory, scroll down until you find the cosmetic you’ve collected. Then, simply press X or A on Xbox One and you’ll “use” the cosmetic; unlocking it in the Quick Change.

It’s not totally clear that this is what you’re supposed to do and you can end up with an inventory clogged up with cosmetics. If that’s the case, you won’t be able to pick up as many weapons or other loot.

The best idea is to unlock each cosmetic as you collect it to make sure you always have as much inventory space as possible.

Borderlands 3 is available now.

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