How to rename FL4K’s pets in Borderlands 3

Now that you have Borderlands 3 in your hot little hands, you’ll be shooting and looting to your heart’s content. Something else you’ll be doing a lot of is customising. You’ll be choosing skins and heads and all sorts of good stuff to make your Vault Hunter as unique as possible. You’ll also need to choose which of the four hunters you choose.

If you’re like me and you love doggos, then you’ll be choosing FL4K. We’ve already talked about how great FL4K is and how they are Borderlands’ first non-binary character.

Now, we’re here to talk about their pets. Specifically, how to rename them.

Rename FL4K’s Pets

Being able to rename FL4K’s pets is great because I was never a fan of the default ones. And doing so is surprisingly easy, once you figure it out.

Just head to any Quick-Change station and open the menu to customise your character. In the image above, captured on PS4, you can see that underneath FL4K, there are two options. One is to rename FL4K’s pets and the other is to rename FL4K himself.

To rename the pets, simply equip the pet you’d like to customise from the Skills menu. Then, activate the Quick-Change station and press Triangle, or Y on Xbox One.

Enter the new name and you’re done. If you want to rename all of FL4K’s pets, you’ll need to equip each one and go through the process.

And that’s how you rename FL4K’s pets in Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is available now.

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