Cool Things That You Can Do with Your iPhone

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If you are new to the Apple family, you need to do yourself a favour and learn these cool things you can do with your iPhone, which will not only make life easier for you but will also make the iPhone experience a lot more immersive and fun.

With the demand of iPhones increasing day by day and with so many software updates, We wanted to share a few tips and features of Apple’s prodigy so that you can take full advantage of your smartphone.

Prepare to be amazed if you didn’t know you could do this with you iPhone!

1.    Track Your Location

Yes, that right. You can use your iPhone to track your location from anywhere. One of the reasons why the iPhone is preferred over other smartphones is the amount of security it provides.

iPhone has a built-in tracker app which allows iCloud to receive your location info and track your iPhone. If you want an even more secure way to track your iPhone in case it gets lost, you can install an iPhone tracker app from the app store to ensure maximum security.

2.    Screen Recording

Another cool feature added in the new iPhone is the screen recording option. You don’t have to install any third-party apps as iPhone has released a built-in native screen recording app.

To use this feature, you have to add it to the Control Center as follows: Settings > Control Center > Screen Recording.

After adding it to the control centre, you can record your screen by swiping up from the bottom of the screen and clicking on the icon.

3.    3D Touch

iPhone has distinguished touch between two degrees of pressure – a stand tap and a harder Force Tap – the 3D Touch. 3D touch allows a peek and pop operation, quick actions and take advantage of pressure sensitivity.

Peek and pop operations let users preview the content of an app or document without needing to open them. Applying a medium-strength touch will perform a peek (previewing) and pushing it harder will perform a pop (opening it).

4.    Meme Reactions in Messages

Memoji and Animoji is a new feature introduced in iOS 12, which let you create a customizable meme of themselves. It takes your eyewear, facial hair, skin and every visible feature in spectrum to create a Memoji.

All you have to do is simply select an Animoji or Memoji in Messages, make a desired facial expression and drag the character into the message bubble. It is a great way to express your emotions in a text message.

5.    Measure Anything

The iOS 12 update also comes with a new app that lets you measure almost anything by pointing your iPhone device’s camera at it. The app takes advantage of camera vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition and augmented reality to make a ball-park – if not accurate – measurement.

Simply launch the Measure app, move the white dot to the starting point, tap the “+” button, move the white dot to the endpoint, and tap the “+” button again to select the endpoint. After analysing the distance, it will give you a final measurement.

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