Xbox ANZ is giving away exclusive Gears 5 jewellery to fans

Celebrating the launch of Gears 5 today (in early access at least) Xbox Australia & New Zealand has partnered with Aussie jewellery designer Jason Moss. Moss has created a bespoke set of unisex jewellery that any Gears fan would love to have. Taking inspiration from Kait’s pendant in-game, Moss has crafted a ring and a pendant necklace.

In addition to being bespoke and crafted exclusively for Australian and New Zealand Gears fans, only 100 of each piece have been made. 50 sets that include both pieces are being given away on Facebook.

Moss is famous ” for his custom creations, some of the world’s most recognized celebrities wear Moss’ work, including recent Rolling Stones cover artist, Harry Styles. Designed in his trademark style, these handmade creations reflect the visual themes of the fire and ice locales from the game while leaning into the aesthetic of one of gaming’s most acclaimed sagas.”

Gears 5 Jewellery

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According to Moss and Xbox, the pendant is an homage to COG tag and features a split Crimson Omen on a chain necklace. Xbox also says that the chain is “weighted like the expectations placed on the Gears shoulders to save humanity. “

The ring also focuses on the Crimson Omen and “features a complex design reflective of the unanswered questions of Kait’s bloodline.”

Those lucky enough to get their hands on a set of this Gears 5 jewellery will also receive a special “chamber” featuring each pieces production number. As only 100 of each design have been crafted, these are very limited.

Tania Chee, Xbox Lead for ANZ said of the jewellery;

We know that fans of Gears are loud and proud when it comes to their passion for the franchise, and we wanted to create something that would allow them to showcase their pride every day.

With so many complex themes weaving throughout the Gears universe, Jason Moss with his experimental, raw style was the perfect artist to bring this collection to life.

Gears 5 is available today on PC and Xbox One.

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