Gears 5 Collectibles Guide – Act 2, Chapter 1

Gears of War fans have plenty of reason to be excited as Gears 5 is here. Starring Kait Diaz, Del Walker, JD Fenix and, of course, Marcus Fenix, the latest entry in the franchise continues the story established in Gears of War 4. Set 25-years or so after Gears of War 3, it was revealed that the Locust didn’t die and had instead evolved into the Swarm.

In Gears 5, Kait is seeking answers to her lineage, especially her connection to the Locust. Humanity is facing all-out war with the Swarm and maybe figuring out who Kait is, holds the key to stopping the Swarm once and for all.

As is standard in Gears of War, Gears 5 has collectibles for players to find in most chapters.

This guide is for Act 2, Chapter 1 – Recruitment Drive

Gears 5 Collectibles

In Act 2 you’ll be playing as Kait and you’ll be in a snowy town of outsiders. Much of this chapter doesn’t feature combat, so feel free to take your time and track everything down.

Once you’re through the gates, go to your right and go inside the building on the right rather than heading down into the village. This building is a shop of some description and on the counter, near the cash register, is the first collectible.

A Riftworm flute.


Head into the village and ignore all of the villagers who seem to hate your guts. Make your way around the scrap metal and fruit stands and you’ll come to a furnace.

In front of the furnace is a metal platform with a round piece of scrap on top. On the far side of the scrap is a license plate.

Make your way through the village. Eventually, you’ll come to a large statue in a courtyard. You’ll be directed to the right so you can continue the level.

Instead, go around behind the statue and in front of a bush, in the top left corner, is your next collectible.

Don’t cry.

As you continue to walk the streets of the village, you’ll notice a young boy running and hiding and calling out to you. He’ll call you a fascist and eventually, as you round a corner, he’ll runoff.

If you check where he was hiding, you’ll find a wooden toy version of a lancer.

Continue your stroll through the village until you get to a shop with a giant fish on the wall and what looks like half a boat as the counter.

There’ll be a component to grab on the counter, but the real prize here is on the left. Look to the glass counter with lamps on top and you’ll see a poster/storybook. It’s hard to tell.

In any case, that’s the next collectible.

When you get inside the room where some villagers are working on some scrap and having a discussion in which one says “a poor workman blames their tools” look to the lockers just inside the first room.

On the front of the lockers is a note which is the next collectible.

Once you’re through and into the next section of the village go to the far side of the section. Before turning right to continue the level, go into the furthest building on the right-hand side.

In this room is a small table with a kettle on it. On the table is a note.

Just before you reach your goal, stay on the right-hand side and head for the pile of boxes in front of you.

On top of the boxes is another note.

After you speak to the Chief and all hell breaks loose, you’ll have to make your way back through the village. You’ll come to a section with buildings on either side and Swarm attacking you from higher up a slope.

Once defeated you’ll go through a door.

Before you go through the door, head into the buildings on the right-hand side and in the dark, you’ll find some COG tags.

In the room where you find the mechanised silverback, when you need to protect the lab, in the open window, on a box, you’ll find the last collectible; blue prints.

That’s all for Act 2, Chapter 1.

Gears 5 is available for PC and Xbox One.

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