Gears 5 Collectibles Guide – Act 2, Chapter 4

Gears of War fans have plenty of reason to be excited as Gears 5 is here. Starring Kait Diaz, Del Walker, JD Fenix and, of course, Marcus Fenix, the latest entry in the franchise continues the story established in Gears of War 4. Set 25-years or so after Gears of War 3, it was revealed that the Locust didn’t die and had instead evolved into the Swarm.

In Gears 5, Kait is seeking answers to her lineage, especially her connection to the Locust. Humanity is facing all-out war with the Swarm and maybe figuring out who Kait is, holds the key to stopping the Swarm once and for all.

As is standard in Gears of War, Gears 5 has collectibles for players to find in most chapters.

This guide is for Act 2, Chapter 4 – The Source of it All.

Gears 5 Collectibles

The first collectible is in the south-east corner of the map. Just outside the Eastern Communication Tower is the substation.

Head inside the substation and you’ll find the first collectible in a corner.

The second and third collectibles can be found in close proximity. Head to the Old Derrick Site in the north of the map. It’s just south-west of the North communication tower.

Before you go into the Old Derrick Site, look to the west (left) and you’ll see some scrap and a skeleton. Next to the skeleton is the second collectible.

Now head inside the Old Derrik site. You’ll have to deal with a bunch of enemies. Once they’re dealt with, head to the west of the site and you’ll find a hatch that you can open.

When you try to open it, you’ll again be attacked by the Swarm.

After you kill this second wave, open the hatch and you’ll have your third collectible.

The fourth collectible is located at the North Communication Tower. You can’t miss it as it’s attached to the keypad outside the door.

The fifth collectible is found just outside the other, central Old Derrick Site. Go up the path, beyond the flag and you’ll come to more broken machinery.

On the right-hand side, you’ll come to a skeleton near some broken machinery. At the skeleton’s feet, you’ll find the fifth collectible.

The sixth collectible is also located at this central Old Derrick Site. Continue into the site from the last collectible. Deal with the waves of enemies then head up onto the wreckage to find a hatch to open.

Once you open the hatch, you’ll find the collectible, which is also an upgrade for Jack.

The seventh collectible can be found on a ridge, just north of the mine site and directly south of the central Condor crash site.

Ride the skiff up to the location and you’ll see a frozen vehicle. In front of the vehicle are some tents and boxes etc.

On top of one of the boxes is a letter.

The eighth and ninth collectibles can be found at the mine site. Head inside the mine area and you’ll find some shacks and open buildings. This will take place after your large scale battle on the ice.

Inside one of these buildings is a pouncer tooth necklace.

Once you’re inside, as you near your objective, keep an eye on the walls on the left-hand side. As you’re about to pass through a large open doorway, you’ll see a poster.

The poster is dog-eared and is about miner’s rights and the labour of the worker.

Grab it.

The 10th and final collectible is also at the mine site. Inside, you’ll come to a small kitchen/lunchroom.

On the table in this room, you’ll find a diary.

That’s all for Act 2, Chapter 4.

Gears 5 is available for PC and Xbox One.

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