Shadows and Dust is a narrative game about the human experience, coming soon to PC

Moloch Media has established itself as a developer more than willing to examine the human condition through the lens of videogames. With its debut game, Mars Underground, Moloch Media made it clear it was willing to experiment and study people. Now, it’s working on its next narrative game; Shadows and Dust. It looks as though it will go to some places.

Where Mars Underground was full of comical characters, hilarious hijinx and vivid visuals, the ominously titled Shadows and Dust looks to be shaping up as a more muted experience in tone and in aesthetic, as an earnest examination of the terrible burden of being human.

Shadows and Dust

Moloch Media describes Shadows and Dust as—

A ghost story.

“In that sleep of death what dreams may come.”

A dim view.
A dark room.
Someone else is here.
Shadows and Dust is a narrative game about regret. It combines short sections of first person exploration with text-based scenes of interactive dialogue.

Some choices can’t be taken back.

Shadows and Dust is a deeply personal experience based on the author’s own nightmares.

Shadows and Dust comes with a content warning for suicide, depression, and mental illness, so it looks like this will be a game that is achingly human, to be navigated with caution and with generous doses of self-care.

I’m a big fan of games that tackle difficult content like this. l love to see them used as a vehicle to convey complex experiences, and to create empathy amongst players who may not understand what it’s like to live with such complicated feelings and conditions—to me, this is where games become a real beacon of light.

I truly hope that Moloch Media manages to pull this off with Shadows and Dust.

Shadows and Dust is currently in development and can be added to your wishlist on Steam in anticipation of its release.

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