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I’m going to start here by telling you my opinion on the Blair Witch movies. I thought they were trash and I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get motion sickness from the janky hand cam. The acting was crud and the premise of the movie was sub-par. But given the budget and the outcome of the film you would say it was a crushing success. However you feel about the movie, ignore it.

Blair Witch is a magical continuation of the movies, making reference back to them in the opening sequence. Bloober Team, the developers behind Layers Of Fear, another great psychological horror franchise has done a bang-up job on Blair Witch.

This new game forges further into the story without ruining the lore that was already in place. Bloober has presented the first-person field of view as though you’re watching a film with the handy cam vibe but without the jittery motion-sickness.

This really sells the story well.

Blair Witch Review

You play as Ellis, a former officer of the Burkittsville Police Force. An event in Ellis’ past caused a mental breakdown and his exit from the force. Set in 1996, a young boy has gone missing in the Black Hills Forest and Ellis is determined to locate him.

However, his troubling past makes joining the search all the more difficult. He does have his police partner and K9 companion; Bullet.

Bullet is both mental protector and one of the key mechanics in the game. Things will change depending on how you interact with Bullet. You’re able to be kind to him or reprimand him when he disobeys. With Bullet by your side, you’re more resilient to the supernatural forces of the forest.

And when he leaves you, for any reason, your mental wellbeing comes crashing down. This is so bloody creepy and if it’s anything like what people truly experience, I’m so sorry that you do.

Two Pairs of Pants Later

The supernatural elements in Blair Witch are also a superbly crafted masterpiece. Videotapes around the forest can be watched on the portable camera Ellis carries with him. These tapes distort and warp reality.

Watching them is bloody great. This game plays some wicked games with your head.

The atmospheric aspect of Blair Witch is top-notch too. The music is light and without being loud, feels massive at times. It’s a score of sheer terror and suspense.

Too many times I’d be looking over my shoulder as the sounds would swing around me in surround sound. Another clever way to play with your mind.


The visuals of Blair Witch are not the greatest there is. By that, I mean, it doesn’t look like Cyberpunk or something of that level. They are damn good for this type of game and its price point. And to be honest, if you’re worried about that, you’re not paying enough attention to the game.

The only gripe I had with the game was when driving the car at the start it seems the car turns on rails. If that’s the only thing I can pick on.

Bloody well done!

After playing this I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of scary games. If you are, boy do you have a treat here? !

Between the cheap jump scares, the well played out psychological events and the well-crafted story is a brilliant “Pants Filling™” game.

Blair Witch was reviewed on Xbox One using a digital code provided by the developer.

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