How Many Outfits are in Control?

While playing Control you may have noticed that when you access the Central Executive’s Control Point, there’s a menu listing for Outfits. When you access the menu you might be disappointed to see that it’s empty. There are three outfits being released at launch, however, there are several other great outfits unlocked within the game.

The three outfits released at launch are; Tactical Response Gear (Pre-Order Bonus), Astral Dive Suit and Urban Response Gear (Exclusive to the Digital Deluxe Edition).

There are seven other outfits that you can unlock by playing Control, which brings the total number of outfits up to 10.

Control Outfits

The first Control Outift you’ll have access to is ‘Civilian.’ This is Jesse’s default outfit and will be equipped when you start the game. In fact, you’ll be wearing this outfit for quite a while, until you start to unlock some others.

The remaining six Outfits you can unlock are;

  • Janitor’s Assistant
  • Asynchronous Suit
  • Director’s Suit
  • Candidate P7
  • Office Assistant
  • Golden Suit

The Director’s Suit and Office Assistant Outfits are unlocked by completing the game. The Janitor’s Assistant Outfit is unlocked by completing the ‘What a Mess’ questline for Ahti the Janitor.

Candidate P7 is found in the Containment Sector. To unlock it, simply activate the location of the costume within the Containment Sector and you’ll be able to equip it.

The Asynchronous Suit is unlocked by completing the ‘Self-Reflection’ side-quest. You do need to physically pick the Outfit up and it’s easy to miss so make sure you grab it.

Finally, the Golden Suit is unlocked in the Research Sector in the Luck & Probability Section. Behind a Level 05 clearance door, there’s a puzzle that when complete grants access to the Golden Suit.

For my money, the Asynchronous Suit or the Director’s Suit is the best. However, the three launch suits have yet to be revealed, so they may steal my heart yet.

Control is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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