Control Guide – How to Solve the Luck Puzzle and Unlock the Gold Suit Outfit

Here’s another one of Control’s puzzles that might put your grey matter to the test. Taking place in the Research Sector, this puzzle is locked until you acquire a Level 05 security clearance. When you do, head to Luck & Probability — the room you first met Marshall in — and look for the locked Level 05 door. Inside, you’ll see a roulette table surrounded by desks and other items.

The key to this puzzle is the items in the adjacent room in addition to the note about Luck Testing and the whiteboard inside the room.

By using all three together, you’ll be able to solve the Luck Puzzle and earn the Golden Suit outfit. Or, you can follow our simple guide and get it done the easy way.

We won’t tell.

Control Luck Puzzle

In the image above, you can see the entrance to the room with the puzzle. The room Jesse is currently standing in is the room that the lucky items are in.

Head inside the room and pick up the note and check out the whiteboard.

While you’re in the room, make sure to switch on all of the desk lamps. There are four in total. With that done, head back out to the other room and start working on the other lucky items.

You’ll need to make sure the desk toy next to the elephant is swinging and knocking into the elephant statue. Ensure the horseshoe is the right way up, i.e. the curve at the bottom.

Grab the four-leaf-clover from the pot plant and interact with the cat statue to make its arm swing.

Finally, use launch on the Golden Koi statue, making sure to hold the button down so you carry it with you. Enter the room with the roulette wheel and press Square/X when near the roulette wheel to drop the Koi.

Place the four-leaf-clover in the pot plant near the TV then activate the roulette wheel. You should land on seven and unlock the Golden Suit.

There you have it. That’s how you complete Control’s Luck Puzzle and unlock the Golden Suit.

Control is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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