Final Fantasy 14’s Director and Producer has a special message for Australian and New Zealand fans

Groups of gamers who play together, especially in MMOs, tend to form tight knit communities. This is especially true of Final Fantasy 14.

Not only does the game encourage cooperation, it also gives players the chance to find new friends and even partners, husbands and wives. In fact, so dedicated is Final Fantasy 14 to this idea, that players can even get married, in the game.

In Japan, you can have your actual wedding performed as if it were a wedding in Final Fantasy 14. Suffice to say, the community is large and strong.

It’s also really friendly and welcoming and dedicated to making Final Fantasy 14 a fun game to play for old and new players alike.

Final Fantasy 14 ANZ

In Australia and New Zealand, there is a Facebook group for the community of Final Fantasy 14 players. At the time of writing, this group has 4079 members and is growing every day. The group has attracted the attention of Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida, who recorded a special video message for the community.

In the video (below) Yoshida discusses his recent Shadowbringers press tour — read all about it here — the adjustments he and his team are making just prior to launch and how he’s hoping to release the best possible version of Shadowbringers.

What’s most exciting though is that Yoshida speaks directly to the Facebook group and Final Fantasy 14 ANZ community. He thanks the community for their continued support and says that he hopes to participate in some events in Australia and New Zealand this year.

Going forward we also want to join in some of the upcoming events in Australia and New Zealand as well.

…we’re hoping to participate in something to hype up FINAL FANTASY XIV Online this year.

Of course, if it is possible and I can make room in my schedule, I would also love to visit you and take part in these celebrations.

Yoshida stops short of actually saying what’s been planned for Final Fantasy 14 and the community this year but it’s certainly exciting.

Final Fantasy 14’s next expansion, Shadowbringers, launches on July 2. Early access begins June 28, 2019.

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