Razer BlackWidow Keyboard Review – Simple and Clean

Honestly, I’ve yet to come across a Razer product that isn’t a winner. And I can safely say the same of the new Razer BlackWidow keyboard for 2019.

This iteration of the Razer BlackWidow comes with the all-new Green Mechanical Switches which have been fine-tuned to give players the best possible experience.

The new Razer BlackWidow also comes with Razer’s Chroma tech, which, as you should know by now, makes every gaming session an absolute rave. That is, if that’s what you want.

Razer BlackWidow Review

Last year, I reviewed the BlackWidow Elite and found it to be an incredibly good piece of equipment. The BlackWidow 2019 is as good, if not better than its Elite cousin, thanks to the new, tuned Green Mechanical Switches.

It’s missing some of the flashier features like the USB and headphone inputs and the audio control buttons, but aside from that, this is essentially an identical piece of kit.

Like the Elite, the BlackWidow keyboard is a fantastic looking piece of tech. It’s matte black with a rough finish that makes the Chroma coloured keys pop. It doesn’t matter who’s desk the BlackWidow is on, it’s going to look great.

Simple. Good.

Like the Elite, the BlackWidow 2019 is compact which is really useful if you have limited space; which I do. No matter how much or how little space you have, the Razer BlackWidow is going to easily fit in and suit your needs.

Obviously, these keyboards have been designed with gaming in mind but I first want to talk about using this keyboard for everyday use.

God it’s sublime.

Typing on the Razer BlackWidow is so good. The spacing of the keys and their mechanical, springy quality means that, for me, I make far fewer mistakes and can type even faster than I normally do. Not to dismiss the clicky sounds either. They’re just hugely satisfying and even though it’s just a noise, it makes me enjoy typing all the more.

Are You Playing Games?

As for gaming, the Razer BlackWidow performs flawlessly. No matter whether I played Overwatch, Conan Unconquered or Diablo III, the keyboard was up to the job. Honestly, unless you really, desperately need the audio and USB passthrough and media controls, this is your best option. If you need the extras, go with the Elite.

It’s a shame that the BlackWidow doesn’t come with the magnetic wrist rest, but again, that’s a premium feature. I’ve tried using the one I already have that came with the Elite, but the BlackWidow isn’t magnetic and the rest wouldn’t stick.

Like the Elite, the BlackWidow comes with HyperShift which allows you to add a secondary function to every single button. It also comes with onboard memory for storage of five profiles, should you need them.

Overall, the Razer BlackWidow keyboard for 2019 is fantastic and will serve any and all gamers. If you need more Elite and Premium options, they exist, but if you can do without, this keyboard is the one for you.

A Razer BlackWidow was provided by Razer for this review.

Product Name: Razer BlackWidow

Offer price: $219.95

Currency: AUD

Availability: OnlineOnly

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  • Solid design and construction
  • Feels great to use; fast, mechanical switches
  • Simple and unencumbered by bells and whistles
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