The Code Vein Character Creator lets you make your own anime character

Code Vein, the anime Soulsborne from Bandai Namco, is in closed beta this weekend. We were lucky enough to get access but we haven’t even played any yet because we were so blown away by the character creator.

In the Code Vein Character Creator you can literally create your very own anime character. The number of options is mind boggling and the combinations you can create are almost endless.

Most Soulsborne games let you create your character but none offer this level of customisation.

Code Vein Character Creator

The first thing that you’ll do when creating your character is choosing your name. You’ll need to name your character as well as give them a codename. This codename is what you’ll use when playing in multiplayer sessions.

After that, you choose whether you’re play as male or female and away you go.

If you like, you can just go with the default, or basic, appearance and head straight into the game. However, there are so many options here that it’s going to be hard to resist.

If you do opt to customise your character you’ll open the advanced settings and have a huge list of options inclduing physique, skin, hair, eyes, makeup, clothing and more.

In most character creators you’re given a few options for each feature. In the Code Vein character creator, you’re given a ridiculous number of options for each feature.

Seriously, check out the videos below and you can see just how many options you’re given.

By using the Code Vein character creator you really can create your very own anime character. The best part is that you can save their appearance. So, even if you don’t use them in game, you can sit back and create hundreds of your very own anime characters.


Probably my favourite aspect of the character creator is that you can give your character heterochromia. And since there are a ridiculous number of eye types to choose from, selecting two different eye types and colours to give your character can take a very, very long time.

Clearly Bandai Namco know its target audience for Code Vein and have given them the tools to create their own hero accordingly.

I’ve honestly never seen as comprehensive a character as this one. Sadly, the creations you make won’t transfer over to the proper game, but at least you’ll get a lot of practice making them hey?

Code Vein is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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