How to design your own gaming website

  • Pick a theme for your website – this can help you target a specific demographic
  • Make sure you have a good selection of quality games, including slots and live casino
  • Partner up with a good gaming provider – there are numerous ones available for all budgets

If you have a passion for gaming and creating things, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about developing your own gaming website and making yourself some serious money. As you might think, you’re going to need a big bankroll to rival some of the biggest names in the online gaming industry. But let’s forget the bankroll for now and take a look at just what you need to do to design a good gaming site.

Pick a theme

Designing a website is easy – designing a successful one is anything but

Every online web design site provides users with stock templates and themes –because that’s one of the most important aspects of designing a website. A website theme is the first thing that will appeal to your customers and either bring them in or put them off.

Before you jump the gun and go for a shiny web theme have a long-hard think about what your gaming website is going to stand for. Is it going to be an imitation of some of the best sites on the net? Live casino is currently the pinnacle of online gaming. Or will it form its own niche and appeal to a certain demographic?

If you’re forging your own way thoroughly research your target demographic and work out exactly what would appeal to them. Build your site based on their preferences but don’t get bogged down with too many features – there’s a fine balance between appealing to your customers and overawing them.

777 Casino have designed their website perfectly to appeal to their specific niche in the online gambling market

One gaming site that’s absolutely nailed its design is 777 Casino, joining it up perfectly with a nostalgic look and feel. To foster an original identity 777 have designed their website to closely resemble a 1960s-style Las Vegas casino.

New visitors are greeted by a Nevada desert style sign that welcomes them in to the main site which has all the flashing accoutrements of those old-time casinos. That theme is consistent throughout the entire website – from the games to the privacy policy and the contact section.

As you’ll see by visiting 777 online casino, it has style as well as substance, with speedy navigation, a user-friendly layout and an engaging colour scheme to complement its unique look and feel.

Focus on quality games

With so many gaming sites on the market, you’ll want to stand out from the crowd. One sure-fire way to do this is by building a slick interface and an engaging range of games around a website which performs highly.

After all, the user needs to be able to access their favourite games in just a couple of clicks, otherwise you’ll lose them. That means making sure you’re able to offer an exciting range of games – including slots, casino games and bingo.

Live casino is currently the pinnacle of online gaming. By connecting players to real-life croupiers broadcasting the game live from a studio via a high-quality video stream, live casino is able to deliver a more genuine experience to players.

Understandably, players prefer some games over others, so if you’re able to cover all gaming options you’re likely to win more customers.

Choose a gaming provider

Of course, to offer the best games you’ll need to team up with a reliable gaming provider. There are an elite pool of gaming software developers – and choosing the right one is an important aspect of your new site.

Fortunately there are different packages available, meaning you can provide a tailored offering to your customers. Try to balance cost with quality. When you are choosing your provider you’ll obviously need to balance cost with quality.

At one end of the spectrum are providers offering basic 2D games – at the other are customisable front-end interfaces. One might be cheap but ultimately limit your market appeal – the other might give you access to a large selection of casino games. With some savvy research and targeted customer research you can find games that will appeal to your customer base for a bargain price.


Designing a website seems incredibly easy nowadays especially with constant adverts for hosting sites such as Wix and WordPress. However, making your online dream into a reality is a tricky, exhaustive and expensive business.

Just like everything in life, to design a successful gaming website you’ll need to put in a huge amount of time and effort as well as money. Research is perhaps the biggest factor in designing a successful site. If you know your target demographic and are aware of what they like and dislike then you’ll stand the best chance of success.

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