Home Mobile Loop is an interactive sci-fi story coming to mobile devices

Loop is an interactive sci-fi story coming to mobile devices

Loop is an interactive sci-fi story coming to mobile devices

Loop is the latest title from developer Advenworks. An interactive sci-fi story, Loop is a game that sees every choice you make radically change the story. 

You receive a distress signal from Ensign Althea Young: Her ship is malfunctioning and the rest of the crew is compromised by a mysterious sickness. You’re the only person who can help.

Althea will contact the player and send notifications about her location, her findings and her fears. Players are able to answer her directly “to dictate the next steps.”

Loop Advenworks

According to Advenworks;

Each choice is important, and your behavior is decisive: the smallest interaction can have fatal consequences. Make your own decisions. Choose how you want to assist Althea’s efforts to save her ship and crewmates— and discover the numerous endings.

The case can’t be solved without you. Listen to Althea. YOU can help.

The features of Loop are;

    • Author Estee Lee-Mountel offers you an immersive and suspenseful storyline that unfolds in real-time based on dialogues. A very unique science fiction thriller game .filled with suspense.
    • Work with and develop a bond with the ship’s remaining crewmember, Ensign Althea Young. Your behavior and your relationship are critical to the success of the mission.
    • Althea sends you messages in real-time to keep you updated on her situation and findings. You will receive notifications on your device from her; you can answer right away or whenever you are free.
    • Each decision has the potential to set off a chain reaction crucial to the investigation.
    • Multiple endings, and epilogues that detail the ripple effect of your findings.
    • Uncover and compile clues to aid your investigation through dialogue with Althea. Your choices, findings, and judgment are crucial to your collective understanding of the situation and the game’s outcome.

Advenworks are a team of 12 with nine in Paris and three others in India, the UK and USA. Loop is Advenworks largest title to date and it has been working on it for the past two years. Loop will be coming to the Australian App Store this week and will include the first two chapters of three. 

Those who purchase Loop now will receive the third chapter free.