Borderlands 3 release date will be announced on April 3

After the reveal and the official announcement of Borderlands 3 at PAX East, we were advised by Gearbox that more details would be coming on April 3. While it’s not entirely clear what will be revealed on April 3, we do now know that the Borderlands 3 release date will be announced then.

In a tweet (below) from Randy Pitchford, he answered a fan question about if and when the Borderlands 3 release date would be announced.

Borderlands 3 Release Date

So far, we know that Borderlands 3 is NOT a battle royale game and beyond that, everything else remains speculation. We speculated ourselves that Borderlands 3 would be a live-service in the vein of other, more recent loot-shooters; i.e. Destiny and The Division.

The official reveal trailer (below) gave us our first look at the gameplay in Borderlands 3 as well as the game’s villains. Not much is known about these two, but they look pretty badass. You can check out a buttload of screenshots from Borderlands 3 here.

In addition to more information being revealed about Borderlands 3 on April 3, 2K and Gearbox will be releasing Borderlands Game of the Year Edition. This remastered version of the first game in the series makes quality-of-life changes and improvements while making visual upgrades, including all DLC and four-player co-op.

Finally, April 3 also heralds the arrival of the Ultra HD Texture Pack for Borderlands The Handsome Collection. This free, optional add-on increases the visual fidelity of The Handsome Collection and adds 4K resolution.

Stay tuned for April 3 for all of the Borderlands goodness.

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