Borderlands 3 is coming, watch the trailer here

Today at PAX East, during Gearbox’s Panel Borderlands 3 was officially announced. 

The video, which looks awesome by the way, introduces fans and players to some new information about Borderlands 3.

The trailer makes mention of saving the “worlds” plural which is very exciting. In the trailer, we see the standard Borderlands environments before a quick shot of a futuristic cityscape is shown. At that moment the crowd went absolutely nuts; as they should.

While concrete details of what to expect in Borderlands 3 weren’t announced today, kist seeing the game running should be enough to keep fans happy for now. Gearbox has promised more information to come shortly though. 

In fact, more information about Borderlands 3 will be released on April 3.

For now, we can enjoy the trailer and the fact that this new game will include one billion guns!

Check it out.

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