Rainbow Six Siege Joins the AEL University Cup 2019

Rainbow Six Siege esports continues to go from strength to strength in Australia. Ubisoft’s recent announcement of Rainbow Six Siege joining the AEL University Cup in 2019 is just the latest proof of this. 

The joining of Rainbow Six Siege to the AEL University Cup marks the first time the game joins university esports. The AEL University Cup 2019 is open to all students across the country and is a structured tournament for those seeking to prove their esports skills.

Rainbow Six Siege joins a number of games as part of the 2019 Cup including CS:GORocket League, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Clash Royale, Tekken 7 and Smash Bros.

Rainbow Six Siege AEL

As you can see from the image above, the Rainbow Six Siege AEL cup prize pool is $6,000 and will be split;

  • 1st: $2000 AUD
  • 2nd: $625 AUD
  • 3rd: $250 AUD
  • 4th: $125 AUD

Darren Kwan, Director of AEL, said;

We’re excited to be working with Ubisoft in supporting grassroots esports in Australia, and the inclusion of Rainbow Six Siege in the University Cup allows students access to competition and an entry point in launching their esports career.

Students can look forward to gaining valuable experience, joining their on-campus esports club, meeting like-minded students in pursuing their passion and even a shot at a sizeable prize pool of $6,000.

Those interested in taking part in the AEL University Cup 2019 can register through the AEL website. Registrations close on March 28, 2019. The first Semester of the competition will be streamed from May 6. Semester 2 will take place in August.

Rainbow Six Siege will be featured in both semesters of competition in 2019. The top teams will be invited to the finals at Brisbane Supernova 2019.

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