Singularity 5 Review – A Dystopian Future

It is the year 2068 or the year of Singularity and the super AI “Moore” has become self-aware. Moore controls all artificial life in the world.

At the turn of the century, each supercity controlled a specific aspect of the world; Economy, Energy, Resources, Science, Recreation and Art. Paris is the forefront of Creativity, Fashion and luxury.

Moore is depicted in every city as a defiled and feminized totem or statue. These totems contain a digital neuronal network which Moore uses to send commands to all lesser robots. Around the turn of the fifth year of singularity, Moore starts to defy the three laws of robotics organising a great rebellion.

As more robots enter the city’s they start to cleanse the human element by the only sure means death. It is your mission to try and stop Moore and save the city of Paris.

Singularity 5 Review

Singularity 5 is an on-rails VR shooter with stunning visuals and a wonderful interpretation of a futuristic dystopian Paris. It incorporates some of the more well-known landmarks; the Trocadero Palace or the Eiffel Tower.

And even some of the lesser known such as the Champs De Mars and even the fountains and streetlights have taken inspiration from the real world Paris.

Monochrome, the small indie studio responsible for Singularity 5 resides in Paris themselves using this to draw artistic flair saying they were aiming for a steampunk twisted Jules Verne style. After playing the game I can say they hit this nail on the head.

A few of the levels at first seemed a little barren but upon looking around you have you eyes drawn to massive monuments and giant robotic constructs. These soon flood your peripherals and just as quickly you will have your attention taken aback as you get assaulted by enemies.

Dystopian Paris

To assist in the destruction of these robots there are three weapons you can use. Each weapon comes in pairs and you can use a combination of them switching freely between them once you unlock the others.

There are a set of pistols which have good accuracy and shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger.

Three shot grenade launchers make up the second set boasting high damage and an arching trajectory. The last set of guns are full auto machine guns these have a huge rate of fire but lack the finesse of good accuracy.

Singularity’s only downfall is the fact it comes across as very short. I managed to finish it in under an hour.

In saying that though most VR games are quite short. There is a leaderboard for scores on each level if you want to be the very best. But this doesn’t push very hard for multiple playthroughs. 

Singularity 5 was reviewed on PC using an HTC Vive. The game code was provided by the publisher.

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