Big Crown Showdown Review – Get down to pound town

Punching the shit out of your friends? Check.

Sending companions to their doom across myriad thematic levels? Double check.

4-player one console competitive action? You know damn well it’s a check!

Launch into battle with up to free of your closest friends in this high-paced, kinda glitchy reimagining of the beachball minigame from Mario Party!

Each player is assigned a member of the Grumblegard and forced to compete for the coveted crown of old King Krabbit. The previous benevolent ruler of Kasseltoon met his demise when the nefarious Great Wizard Fonkin burst into the Kings Tower and did away with the elderly monarch.

The game is of Fonkin’s construction and while the Grumblegard should combine forces to seize the kingdom from the dark wizards’ clutches…. They simply do battle for the love of competition.

Big Crown Showdown Review

The scores suggest the Rob wasn’t ready for the heat Stuart was packin’.

15 stages of chaotic carnage are set across three unique environments. The frozen fjords of Shivershire make home to chilling challenges to test the heat of your fury. The zombified ziggurats of Zoggysands once held the mummified men and women of an ancient kingdom. Now they hold the glory of the hero eternal in the forever-struggle to claim the crown of Krabbit!

Finally, the highflying hometown of the Grumblegard has shifted skyward. Fight your friends as foes in a bid to claim the mean streets of Kasseltoon.

The storyline is a bit cute and silly but isn’t really important when it comes to Big Crown Showdown. This game isn’t in the same league as Smash Bros. or Mario Kart but it could certainly walk the same halls as these legends of local multiplayer.

Big Crown Showdown can’t even be played without human-controlled operation so if you haven’t got mates, I hope you have an internet connection.

I got my first dip into the gameplay a few nights ago when my roommates got back from the city after knocking off from their hospo jobs. We had a couple beers and fired up the Switch and dove straight in.

It was a bit glitchy, floors sometimes fail to load and punches don’t always connect but it didn’t impede the enjoyment we drew from the game. I grew up with brothers and take real satisfaction from launching a king-sized falcon punch into a mate to be rewarded by the in-game scoreboard.

Big Bash League

This one looks like Stuart went hard at Sam and paid the price.

That’s the long and short of Big Crown Showdown. The camera quickly pans across a series of platforms, obstacles and traps. While trying to survive the onslaught of fireballs, battle axes and giant snowballs, you’ll need to avoid death at the hands of your companions.

If you fall behind you die too so you can’t take all day to figure out the best path. You can, however, whip out a shield to deflect your friends’ fists and if you line it up right they’ll launch themselves into the abyss and you’ll be awarded a score for the effort.

Survive till the end and any remaining lives are added to your score. Kill your friends and be awarded a point. First to 20 across 15 stages wins. That’s all there is to it and that’s all it needs.

It’s simple, fun, rewarding and doesn’t take all day to get good enough to lay down the smackdown. It’s an easy addition to your switch library if you have a few mates around and feel like changeup from high demanding multiplayer titles.

Good Clean Fun

Stuart a clear madman confirmed. Total headhunter with little regard for own safety.

It should be reiterated though, the game isn’t perfect. There are some glitchy moments that I found funny. Surviving a sure shot to the dome because you bounce off the background and back onto the platform gives me a real kick.

Dying to a head-on punch while you shield up feels a bit cheap though. Also, my roommate Yaz, blessed as he is, is asthmatic, left-handed and red-green colourblind. 2P and 3P are red and green which makes it hard to quickly discern your position in a high-speed game like Big Crown Showdown. I had a lot of fun destroying him while he oriented himself with his position but some people might not enjoy that so much.

[Editor’s Note – I am also colour blind and when games don’t offer a colourblind option or at least use colours that won’t blend together it’s no fun! No fun at all!]

There are cosmetic hats that make the characters more distinct regardless of colour but you’ll need to play a few games before you unlock the headgear. I particularly like the Viking horns and the octopus helmet.

This is a good, fun party game to be played with mates and beers. Get around it. 

Big Crown Showdown was reviewed on Switch using a code provided by the publisher.

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