OlliOlli Switch Stance Review – Life’s a trick, stunt it

Sup sk8r boys? You like gnarly ollies and steezy 180 pregrabs?

OlliOlli Switch Stance is a neat package of both the original OlliOlli and OlliOlli 2 Welcome to Olliwood. The first game is great and has a big bundle of challenges for the competitive skate fiend, but I mainly stuck to the second instalment.

The graphics were smoothed out, lots of level diversity was added in and you can manual. The problems I had with the first one were all addressed in the second.

OlliOlli is a Trials-like collection of skating challenges. Each level provides you with a unique course coupled with five challenges to complete. If you complete all five you unlock a PRO level. If you complete the Pro level you are invited to participate in a RAD course.

RAD mode is so hard I haven’t tried it yet because I’m too shit for PRO. If you complete RAD mode, roll7 will add you to the hall of rad to be immortalised for your undeniable shred skills.

OlliOlli Switch Stance Review

You haven’t really beat a level till you 5-starred it.

These challenges will include a high score, a combo stack requirement as well a random combination of three increasingly difficult stunts to perform. These are all reminiscent of Tony Hawk Pro Skater. I’m saying you’ll be asked to perform specific tricks in difficult to reach locations and collect secret tapes.

OlliOlli is Tony Hawk 2D and if you’re a fan of the THPS series you’ll feel right at home chaining disgusting manuals, grind and flip tricks till the score number hits BIG digits.

The real trick in OlliOlli is landing these filthy, gut-wrenching combos. You need to grind and manual to chain together combos. A perfect landing or grind means you input the command just as you come into contact with the path or rail or Aztec pirate ship or whatever you’re tricking on.

This is all well and good in the first levels where there’s not much to distract you and the combos are tiny. A couple of worlds in though and you’re dropping so many stairs you can’t see the ground which makes timing a 30-trick combo pretty damn difficult.

Also, the stairs are actual, literal lava and have spike-impaled poser skulls protruding from the molten fail-water.

Impaled Poser Skulls

This guy’s deep into a 44-part combo and still ripping grinds off a dinosaur’s ass.

OlliOlli 2 kicks the street scene after five levels and bursts into myriad fantastical spots previous level deck jockeys would never dream of busting out the old pop shuvit. There are five worlds to Muska up your strength.

Olliwood, Curse of the Aztec. Gunmetal Creek, Carnival of the Dread and Titan Sky. A wide array of killer level designs to compete against your friends in Combo-Rush.

Now I’m a loser and have no mates but I heard that Combo-Rush is the multiplayer game mode in OlliOlli 2. There are a bunch of subsets of gameplay for you and three friends to go head to head in some skater of the year style shenanigans.

Time tests the squad to determine who has the meanest bag of tricks as the juiciest score generated in a set time wins the crown for big king skate. Race is where the speeders grease up their abec nines and the top-dog is he who crosses the finish line first.

One-Shot is all about huge combos. You just puke spaghetti all over your shit while you take a single opportunity to make it big.

OlliOlli Switch Stance is a tight, responsive and simple reimagining of the high-scoring skater skill game. It’s an absolute blast if you have a bit of competition in you and perfectly suited for the Switch.

It’s easy to compete against mates or go solo and push and kick and push for glory in the more difficult challenges.

It’s not a $100 dollar game but it’s certainly a tasty little number to add to the library for when you want a quick blast of THPS nostalgia on the go. 

OlliOlli Switch Stance was reviewed on Switch using a code provided by the developer.

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