Females make up 47% of Acer’s Gaming Sales in Australia

During a question and answer session with the heads of Acer’s APAC countries, a question was posed asking why there weren’t any female athletes competing in the Predator League 2019 Grand Finals. They were also asked whether there would be a specific focus on Acer female gamers in the future.

Andrew Hou, President of Acer Asia Pan Pacific commented;

At the Predator League we’ve never restricted for men only. The competition is open for female gamers too. 

Hou also discussed the potential for expanding the Predator League to include different leagues and pools of players to draw from. One example he gave was from Hong Kong where there are esports leagues for young children and the elderly.

Acer Female Gamers

Regarding Australia, Darren Simmons, Oceanic Managing Director of Acer, leapt at the opportunity to advise that 47% of all gaming systems sold in the country, were sold to female gamers. Interestingly, in the Asian countries of the APAC region, the Acer Predator Helios 300, which is a white notebook marketed towards females, sells incredibly well.

However, in Australia, female gamers aren’t interested in the white notebook and simply prefer to buy what male gamers purchase.

According to Darren Simmons;

We’re [Acer] particularly interested in that demographic. If you look at the demographic in Australia, Acer is particularly focused on female gamers. 

There are lots of female players in the Predator League in Australia. They go to PAX and IEM and there are a growing number of female gamers.

While there aren’t any female gamers taking part in Acer’s Predator League 2019 Grand Finals, hopefully in future years we can see a more diverse group of athletes.

Leo Stevenson travelled to Bangkok, Thailand as a guest of Acer. All transport, accommodation and meals were provided by Acer.

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