The Far Cry New Dawn story envisions a colourful post-apocalypse and sees you allying with Joseph Seed

With Far Cry New Dawn just around the corner, Ubisoft is ramping up marketing of the game. Today, a new Far Cry New Dawn story trailer was released (below) which gives the villains, The Twins, more of the spotlight. 

It also seems that in Far Cry New Dawn’s story, Joseph Seed survived the nuclear holocaust seen at the end of Far Cry 5. To survive in this new post-apocalypse, players are going to have to forge an alliance with the cult leader. 

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, so they say, but teaming up with the antagonist you worked so hard to stop in Far Cry 5 is a radical new step for the franchise. Looking older and hiding with his New Eden follower’s, Seed seems to have made a life for himself. When the residents of Hope Valley come under threat from The Twins and their ilk, they look to New Eden for assistance.

It’s wild. And not something I would have expected to see, especially considering how vile Far Cry 5 made Seed appear.

Far Cry New Dawn Story

Joseph Seed as an ally isn’t the only surprise in this Far Cry New Dawn story trailer. Hope Valley, although having been nuked, is colourful, bright and teaming with life. It looks as though Ubisoft has let its artists go wild with colour and the environments and landscapes feature bright, almost neon flowers and a colour scheme reminiscent of Rage 2.

It certainly looks as though Far Cry New Dawn is going to give players an experience different from the one they’re expecting. That being said, it still looks to be very much a Far Cry title, which brings with it all the gunplay, stealth, explosions and insanity you can expect.

Far Cry New Dawn will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One on February 15. Check out some new screenshots and the trailer below.

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