Heaven’s Vault looks stunning in the latest trailer and screenshots

Heaven’s Vault bills itself as an “archaeological narrative adventure with an entire lost language to decipher.” Developed by inkle — 80 DaysSteve Jackson’s Sorcery! — Heaven’s Vault sees you investigating the disappearance of a roboticist as archaeologist Aliya Elasra.

Aliya is accompanied by her robotic assistance Six and together they travel to Nebula to find the missing man. 

Picking up his trail leads Aliya and Six to an ancient mystery and by discovering artifacts and inscriptions, they may recover lost knowledge of the past.

Heaven’s Vault

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According to inkle, Heaven’s Vault includes an “entire hieroglyphic language” for players to decipher. However, whatever meaning you attribute to the hieroglyphics will change the story and how Aliya perceives what she’s discovered. 

A diverse cast of characters will react to everything you say, and change their approach depending on how you treat them. Some are kind, some are cautious, and others are out to con you – you have been warned.

According to inkle, there are a few core features of Heaven’s Vault which include;

  • Totally unique art style, blending beautiful 3D environments and hand-drawn 2D art.
  • Learn and translate the ancient language of the Ancients.
  • Interact with a large cast of characters who remember everything you say.
  • Journey through an open world where every action counts.
  • Sail on the rivers of the Nebula – and into its depths.
  • Be a thief, an explorer, a detective, a seeker, a saviour, a rogue…

Heaven’s Vault is due for release on PC and PS4 in Autumn 2019 (Spring in the northern hemisphere). We can’t wait.

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