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How to unlock all safes and lockers in Resident Evil 2

How to unlock all safes and lockers in Resident Evil 2

Scattered through Resident Evil 2 are a few safes, some lockers and a couple of portable safes for players to unlock. Inside these safes are lots of goodies that are sure to help you escape in one piece. This guide to unlock safes in Resident Evil 2 is to support those players attempting speedruns and does contain light puzzle spoilers.

The three different kinds of locked objects in Resident Evil 2 are safes, lockers and portable safes. Safes use a rotating dial, lockers use a three digit letter key and portable safes are a memory mini-game.


Finding the combinations for the safes and lockers takes some time, with each solution being revealed later, rather than sooner. But for those wanting to speed, here they are.

Unlock Safes Resident Evil 2

The first safe you’ll be able to open is the one located in the West Office. It’s in a small room to the left-hand side of the room and holds an Item Pouch upgrade. To open this safe, simply use the combination in the image above. This document is found in the STARS Office.

The combination is;

  • Left 9
  • Right 15
  • Left 7

The second safe you’ll find is located in the Waiting Room of the Police Station. It’s hiding underneath the reception desk. Inside this safe is a weapon modification for your character.

The combination is;

  • Left 6
  • Right 2
  • Left 11

The document below, with the code, can be found in the Interrogation Room. As Leon, you’ll need the Club Key to get this document. As Claire, you’ll need the Heart Key.

The third and final safe is located in the sewers, in the same room as the Cable Car. This is by far the easiest safe to open as the combination is written on the side.

The combination is;

  • Left 2
  • Right 12
  • Left 8

This safe also has a weapon modification inside.

Unlock Lockers

Inside the Police Station, there are two lockers and a locked desk for you to open with letter code locks. The codes are;

  • Locker Room – CAP
  • 3F Locker – DCM
  • Desk Left – NED
  • Desk Right – MRG

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The third and final locker is located in the Sewer, in the control room overlooking the cable car. The code for this locker can be found on the flyer inside the locked Worker’s Room.

The code is;

  • SZF

Inside the lockers is a collection of different ammo.

Portable Safes

There are two portable safes in Resident Evil 2 and both are found in the Police Station.

To solve these, you simply need to press the buttons in the correct order. If you press one button out of sequence you need to start over. 

It’s a simple trial and error memory game. 

Good luck! 

Resident Evil 2 is available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.