Get free Loot with the Ana Bastet Challenge in Overwatch

Unless you’ve been offline for the last week, you will have heard about the latest short story that develops the background for Blizzard’s hit team-based shooter Overwatch.

If you haven’t caught up on the story so far, do yourself a favour and click here to get some of the details surrounding the mystery of Ana, Soldier 76 and Reaper.

Well in true Blizzard fashion they have delivered a phenomenal new in-game event surrounding the new story that has come to light. Until the January 22, players will be able to earn credit towards limited edition swag like sprays, a player icon, a victory pose and a new Ana skin: Bastet.

The Ana Bastet Challenge

How can you earn these dope new goodies? Follow these steps;

  • Play Overwatch
  • Win nine games of Quick-Play, Arcade or a Competitive in a single week
  • Tune in to nominated Twitch streamers ‘in-game’ to unlock five new sprays

These sprays will let you throw out some cheeky taunts for that sure-fire ‘Play of the Game’ replay you got by pressing Q.

No seriously Reaper, you deserve it. All I did was draw the entire team in and tank them, please use your Ulti and show off that “skill.”

Anyways, POTG salt aside, that isn’t all that’s new this week as we edge ever closer to Season 2 of the Overwatch League. The eight new team’s home and away jerseys are available in the store as well as in-game and are available across all platforms so you can properly rep your squad both in and out of Overwatch.

Don’t forget to follow The Overwatch League as well as PowerUp! on Twitter for more gaming news and announcements.

As season 2 of Overwatch League approaches don’t forget to take February 15, 2019 off work to check out all the action live on Twitch or at your favourite Esports bar.

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