HearthStone goes Wild in January with Wild card packs and Wild Tavern Brawls

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to Hearthstone you want to play some ludicrous off the cuff untested deck idea that has no business tussling with the current Meta of ranked play.

Well, you’re in luck and so am, as January is the month of Wild Hearthstone madness.

The Wild format embraces cards from any set across the history of Hearthstone. This allows ludicrously powerful combos with little thought to internal card balancing. Players are permitted to build decks with literally any card ever released.

Not everyone has those older cards but that doesn’t matter fam; Blizz has you covered. The Wild Bundle will be available in store until Janary 22.

Wild Tavern Brawls

This bundle includes 10 packs of Goblins vs. Gnomes, 10 packs of Grand Tournament, 10 packs of Whispers of the Old Gods and 10 packs of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan for $33.95 AUD. That’s 40 packs of cards for 34 bucks and is enough to get a Wild newbie started or bolster a veterans supplies of cards that are no longer available.

Probably the best part of Wild January is the Wild Tavern Brawls. Queue up for some matches that break the Meta and throw precision mana balanced decks in the bin as Old gods begin summoning the new Loa legendary cards alongside Goblin Shredders and glorious Argent Knights.

The Wild format is just a butt load of fun, and when you begin crafting a new deck with friends the ideas get flowing and there just isn’t enough room in a deck to do all the crazy stuff you thought of. My favourite so far is the relentless damage of Malfurion the Pestilent and C’Thun, but I’m keen to see what you do with the no holds barred free reign format.

If you think you’re onto a real winner of a deck in the Wild format then get along to regional qualifiers for the Wild Open worldwide tournament.

The Wild Open will see the top 100 competitors from each region participate for their share of $30,000 in prize money and glory. The finals will be lived streamed on Twitch on February 24, with full caster analysis of the crazy plays and explanation of the brutal combos that the Wild format brings.

I hope to see you in the Tavern.

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