Warframe Podcast Episode 22 – Burnout and Fortuna Longevity

Another week, another fabulous Warframe podcast! In Episode 22, given it’s so close to the holiday season, we kind of expected to have a quiet one… But we were wrong.

There was a bunch of news worth getting excited about, and a simple conversation had with a clan mate while playing the game prompted an interesting, but possibly very important conversation around burnout. It’s OK to have a break if you need to! We’ve done it before, and we’ll do it again (but we’ll continue to pump out these episodes even while we’re recharging those batteries – we aren’t going anywhere).


  • News, including Fortuna part 2 potentially coming to PC this week, Tennobaum return, Warframe cartoon, and more!
  • Discussion: Burnout and the perceived longevity of Fortuna
  • Beginner’s topic: Baro Ki’Teer
  • Advanced topic: Agility and Cunning Drift mods

Warframe Podcast

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