Wargaming reveals gameplay footage of the Diablo-esque Pagan Online

Publisher Wargaming and developer Mad Head Games have unveiled the first Pagan Online gameplay footage. The Diable-esque Action RPG is coming to PC in 2019 and the first glimpses of it in action look great.

According to Wargaming, Pagan Online is based on “pre-Christian mythology” and will feature multiple heroes with a range of abilities and powers. 

Pre-release tests will be conducted for Pagan Online in 2019 and players can sign up here

Pagan Online Gameplay

Mad Head Games has said it wants to redefine what action means to Action RPGs. Uros Banjesevic, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mad Head Games said;

With Pagan Online we’ve worked hard to deliver a fast-paced and intense combat system that’s easy to pick up but difficult to master.

We took inspiration from MOBAs to create unique characters with specific skills and specialties, and when you put them into this type of combat system you end up with a family of fighters that do different things well in different scenarios.

In Pagan Online, players will build “families” of unique characters, rather than the same character with different skills and abilities. Fans of loot will also be excited to play Pagan Online, with Jacob Beucler, Product Director, Wargaming saying that loot is at the forefront of the Pagan Online gameplay design.

The amount of loot in Pagan Online is vast – we want players to be challenged to experiment and find the right combinations of skill boosts and buffs that make their playstyle even more effective.

This means knowing the different characters, how you want to play them, and what they’re good at, and trying out different loadouts until you find the most deadly combination.

You can check out a bunch of screenshots from Pagan Online below.

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Pagan Online is coming to PC in 2019.

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