World of Warships Legends closed beta heads to PS4 and Xbox One later this month

Wargaming has announced that the console version of World of Warships will enter closed beta later this month. The World of Warships Legends beta kicks will be available on both Xbox One and PS4 with sign-ups now open.

Wargaming has also revealed that this World of Warships Legends beta will be the largest pre-release test and will include all-new content and improvements over previous tests.

Players who join the closed beta will earn exclusive rewards when the game launches in 2019.

World of Warships Legends Beta

Included in the World of Warships Legends beta are the titular legends, warships and also special commanders. These commanders helm warships and bring their own skills and abilities to the game.

Two commanders revealed as part of the beta announcement are US admiral Norman Scott and Japanese tactician Isoroku Yamamoto. 

Also new to World of Warships Legends are combat missions which reward players with XP and other prizes. Combat Missions can be tackled solo or in groups and come in daily and weekly flavours.

With voice chat now included, Wargaming is making it even easier for players to team up and sail the seas.

Wargaming has also revealed that the user interface in the console version has been given a significant overhaul. Based on feedback from alpha testers, “in-game interfaces have been simplified for a smoother, more accessible player experience, with many other tweaks and adjustments to battles added.”

To sign up for the closed beta, head to the official website.

World of Warships Legends beta begins on December 21 with more beta weekends planned.

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