Bungie changes Black Armory power level requirements for Lost Forge

Well, that was fast.

Destiny 2 Black Armory went live two days ago with the first Lost Forge activity, the Volundr Forge. To activate the forge, players need to fight off waves of enemies and collect batteries to power up the Forge. 

At launch, the power requirements were listed as 610 but that was only for the first wave. The second wave of enemies come in at 625 level and then the final Forge boss at 630.


Destiny 2 Black Armory

This meant that most players, even those at 600 light, were simply too weak to complete the activity causing much frustration. Paul Tassi wrote on Forbes highlighting the problem. 

Players argue that for an introduction to Forge activities, power requirements should be more forgiving but scale up with each new Forge added in the season.

Bungie has, surprisingly quickly, responded to players cries with a 5 light reduction in power levels in a server-side patch effective immediately.  

This brings the requirement to 605/ 620/ 625. This is still a far stretch for most players and Bungie seems to recognise that.

This response doesn’t answer all of your questions. There are still many of you asking how you can catch up and acquire the Power you need to join the quests to recover these Lost Forges.

The answers to those questions are coming. We have some existing plans and some new ideas in the pipeline. That conversation will continue tomorrow in “This Week At Bungie.”

Whether or not this is the right move is debatable but at least it shows that Bungie has its finger on the pulse and are quick to address player issues. 

I haven’t yet attempted any of the forge activities because my characters are still well below the 600 power level and at the current rate it will take me another week or two of milestones to get there. 

I agree with those who suggest Bungie should change the power soft cap and levelling to help players climb above the 600 mark more easily. Not sure if they will but it’s still nice to see such response and care to player feedback. 

Here’s a great video by Mesa Sean showing how to tackle the Volundr Forge with some great tips. 

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