Free Zedhunter Update for State of Decay 2 now available

In celebration of four million players ad to thank them all, Undead Labs and Microsoft have announced the release of the free Zedhunter update for State of Decay 2

Available now, Zedhunter is free for both Xbox Game Pass players and State of Decay 2 owners. It adds all-new weapons and items to State of Decay 2 and new ways to play.

The most exciting addition to State of Decay 2 with this free update is the crossbow.

State of Decay 2 Zedhunter

The crossbow comes in eight all-new flavours in this update and allows players to take out the undead like never before. A silent weapon, crossbow bolts are able to be retrieved after they’ve been fired. Additionally, the crossbow will never jam or break.

While the crossbow is easily the highlight of Zedhunter, there are three new melee weapons have also been added for those who like it up close and personal. 

This update significantly increases player customisation by allowing a survivor’s core skills to be reset. This means you can change what your survivors specialise in, making them each more useful in all situations. Six new ‘quirk’ skills have been added to the game which buff survivors and your community.

Finally, in Zedhunter, you’ll be able to test out three new plague consumables. According to Undead Labs;

These can drastically enhance your survivor’s abilities; but we should mention that they’re basically poison to humans, since they involve consuming a touch of plague infection.

Maybe a little infection is worth it for the ability to see in the dark or sneak past zombies without drawing their attention

Introducing all the new content are a number of missions. These missions are labelled ‘Mysterious,’ so keep an eye out if you’re keen to try out the new content. New achievements have also been added which relate to the Zedhunter update.

State of Decay 2 is available now.

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