Warframe Guide – Platinum and Trading

Warframe is an online, shared-world game developed by Digital Extremes. As it features elements of MMOs, shooters, dungeon crawling looters, PvP, crafting, RPGs and more, we’ve put together a collection of guides to help new players get to grips.

With Warframe having just launched on Switch, it’s the perfect time for players to learn or get a refresher course. 

Warframe Guide

Platinum and Trading

Platinum, Warframe’s premium currency, can be used to buy virtually anything in the game; Warframes, weapons, helmets, colour palettes, cosmetics, mod packs, and so on.

However, creating an account only awards players with 50 Platinum and there are only two other ways of getting more; microtransactions, and trading.

So what should new players be aware of? For one, you can’t trade your free Platinum, so spend it in the market, but spend it wisely. You could easily waste it all on a cheap Warframe or weapon, but given you have limited slots for additional gear, you might want to spend it on my recommendation; 1 additional warframe slot for 20P, and 4 additional weapon slots for 24P.

When it comes to trading I’d recommend using a tool like Warframe.Market to research pricing before trying to sell components. You can trade Prime weapon parts and blueprints, but you CAN’T trade them once you’ve built them in the Foundry.

You also can’t trade standard weapons and parts. What that means is you’ll need to work your way through the initial content, and then smash out a few Void Relic missions. If you’re not happy with what you get, you can try trading it.

And finally, there is another trader that you may come across. Relays are essentially a player hub or social space, and every two weeks you’ll be able to find a character called Baro Ki’Teer, the Void Trader, who will bring along a bunch of special items that can only be purchased from him during this time.

However, he only trades in Ducats. And the only way to acquire Ducats is to trade bits and pieces that you find during your time. So I guess my plan is to sell my unwanted components there and use Ducats on special Baro Ki’Teer items. 

Make sure you check out our other Warframe Guides to help get you started.

This post first appeared on Cephalon Squared and has been republished here with permission.

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