Rainbow Six Siege Season 4 takes players to Morocco for Operation Wind Bastion

Morocco is the site and theme of Rainbow Six Siege season 4, with Operation Wind Bastion. Only a sneak peek is available as Ubisoft saves the full reveal for the Pro League finals on November 18, being played in Rio de Janeiro.

Operation Wind Bastion is set to feature two new operators, one attacker and one defender, both members of the GIGR; Groupe d’Intervention de La Gendarmerie Royale. As well as two new operators, of which we minimal details for, is a new map called Fortress.

Rainbow Six Siege Season 4

Featuring a formidable and imposing military facility in the Atlas Mountains Fortress includes an immense mud brick Kasbah or palace. This offers a diverse playstyle, with lots of open sight lines and points of cover mixed with close range intense combat alleys.

Fortress aims to push players out of their comfort zones with alternating sections, forcing operators to adapt and overcome the terrain challenges in their way.

Rumour has it that the defender is the commander of the GIGR, stoic and immovable he guides the future Moroccan Special Forces. The attacker is a perceptive and agile exploring, at home on a cliff face or scaling a building, ready to breach.

Lips are sealed and we couldn’t get any more than that out of Ubisoft, but if their track record is anything to go by then I’m sure the new operators will feel unique and adaptable whilst the Fortress map will look stunning.

We will be revealing more details as they are made available to us but if you want to see the announcement live, then tune in for the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals on November 17 and 18 on Twitch.

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