Six Masters 2018 winners FNATIC claim victory at PAX Aus

In an emerging industry where sponsors aren’t sure which titles will stick around and which will fail, Rainbow 6 Siege has been dominating recent news and events.

With season 4 of Year 3 to be revealed in February 2019, it’s clear that this highly strategic shooter isn’t going anywhere, except up.

During PAX Aus, on October 30, four teams clashed on the ESL mainstage in front of a packed crowd in what was the largest ANZ Rainbow 6 event so far. The one-day invitation-only tournament saw three Australian organisations and one Japanese organisation go head to head for the lion’s share of $25,000 AUD.

Aussie team FNATIC were the favourites to win but their underdog opponents ViewSonic.Darksided gave them a scare in the best of three match. ViewSonic.Darksided took the first map in a heart-pumping overtime.

Sadly that is where the underdog dream ended as FNATIC took maps two and three, securing their place in the final.

Six Masters 2018

The Japanese squad Nora-Rengo were favourites to win the whole tournament. With a dominant showing in the APAC League Finals in Tokyo earlier in the month, they were coming in off a high against their opponents Athletico Esports.

It seemed it was going to be a day of upset as Athletico seized the first map against Nora-Rengo, but the celebrations were short lived as the Japanese won the next two maps 6-2. I had a chance to catch up with Richard Lee of Athletico, who was proud of how the squad performed.

Only recently getting to LAN together, he told me the event gave them some great insight into how Athletico can better prepare for upcoming events.

But as the crowd fell silent, two rival teams took the stage. Earlier it was Nora-Rengo who emerged victorious but this time it was FNATIC’s turn to reign triumphant. After losing the first map, a quick adjustment in strategy and some clutch gunfights saw the Aussies win maps two and three, earning themselves the first place win and $15,000 in cash.

FNATIC go on to represent the region in Rio later in the year, and if they thought it was a tough journey at PAX, then get ready for the competition to be turned up to eleven as the best teams in the world muster for what will be an intense tournament.

FNATIC Wins PAX Aus Six Masters 2018

Nick Vanzetti, SVP and Managing Director of ESL Asia Pacific Japan, said, “The Six Masters shined bright on the ESL Stage at PAX Australia this year, and with record crowds throughout the day and into the night, not a seat was empty.

“Here at ESL, we have witnessed Rainbow Six flourish as a competitive Esport in the last couple of years, growing not only in popularity, but through local teams developing consistent strength & ability to compete on the international stage.”

As well as the live tournament, local Esports organisation Avant Gaming took the stage to announce their entry into Rainbow 6 with a new team. James ‘UnY’ Sullivan, captain and In-Game Leader for Avant Gaming, said, “To be given the opportunity to represent Avant Gaming is a dream come true for myself and the Rainbow Six Siege team.

“We are already endeavouring to achieve great things under the AV banner and hope all the Avant fans will follow us as Rainbow Six Esports continues to grow.”

This sentiment was echoed by others in the organisation. Avant Gaming is renewing their focus on player and team development as they look to build winning team rosters across all competitive titles, proving they really are the Esports giant they appear to be.

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